Hillary Clinton says ISIS is praying Donald Trump wins

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The presidential race is one of the most exciting ever in history, Hillary Spoke out finally and has said that ISIS is hoping and praying Donald Trump becomes President. 

“They are saying, ‘Oh please, Allah, make Trump president of America,’” Clinton said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 News.

While Trump has labeled the terror group as “radical Islamic terrorism,” Clinton doesn’t agree with him on that among many subjects on terror. 

“We have come to understand that bringing Islam into the definition of our enemy actually serves the purpose of the radical jihadists and there is a lot of evidence of that,” she said.

Clinton claims more jihadists will join ISIS while Trump is in the White House and said Trumps ban on Muslims is a  “a gift to ISIS.”

“They hope that Allah delivers America to Trump,” she said, saying that Trump’s election would inspire more jihadi attacks.

Do you think Hillary Clinton is right?