Philippine President To ISIS Militants “I Will Eat You Alive”

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has made some remarkable comments to those who have been terrorizing their country for some time now.

The Islamic Militants in the Philippines become known when they be headed two Canadian tourists when they were denied six million ransom money from the Trudeau Government.

Bare Naked Islam reported:

Often called the ‘Donald Trump of Asia,’ Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made headlines yesterday when he pledged to literally eat ISIS militants “alive and raw.” The incredible threat follows last week’s deadly Islamic attack in the country which left more than a dozen dead. He told an audience that he would find the violent Abu Sayyaf Islamic militants responsible for the attacks and make them pay.

And Uk Express:

UK Express President Duterte said: “They will pay. When the time comes, I will eat you in front of people. “If you make me mad, in all honesty, I will eat you alive, raw.” Abu Sayyaf is a band of Islamic militants who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Some say Philippines President is the Donald Trump version of the Philippines, his approval ratings are high and keep rising, do you agree?

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