Wynne Admits Her Screwup On High Hydro Rates And Whines About It

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne showed her concern over the rising Hydro Rates in Ontario and said that this was a concern that the whole province needed to address. Winter is coming and there will be an increase in the consumption of electricity all across Canada.

Residents from Scarborough-Rouge River have raised their concerns of starting to feel the problem increasingly difficult to manage and with the increasing rates; they might have to start making a decision whether to use energy for eating or heating.

People in Ontario have started to save up by cutting down on entertainment and monthly groceries. There have been reports where people do not even turn the lights on in the evenings just so they can save up a few pennies more.

There have been cases where people have received Hydro bills that cross the amount of their monthly mortgage payments. Senior citizens and a family of four or more are the ones that are being impacted by these rates the most.

Kathleen Wynne has shown concern and alerted the Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault to take immediate action in the matter and considered improving the Ontario energy Support program, which provides support in terms of power payments to low income residents.

However, these measures should have been taken before the people had to decide whether they can or cannot stay warm during the winter. More than 6,000 people being affected by this, is turning it into a huge crisis and Kathleen Wynne will have to make a lot more effort than just informing people to take care of the problem.

There have to be alternate sources introduced to solve this problem. Otherwise, a lot of people might have to start chopping wood themselves to fuel their heating needs.

Why was this problem not addressed earlier? It is obvious that the Premier will show concern over this now, but this is something that should have been foreseen and work should have started towards this since the beginning of the summer.

It is going to be a difficult winter for the people of Ontario. The Liberals have to take action fast on this or else, it could turn into a nightmare for the people of the province.