Its’ a Numbers Game—Justin Trudeau’s Approval Rating

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Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party somehow gained enough support in the general elections last year to win, which ended almost a decade of Conservative Party of Canada rule and then PM Stephen Harper. To Trudeau’s credit, a win wasn’t always in the cards, especially since his party was oscillating between second and third position throughout their election campaign. So, politics and bad policies aside, they should get some credit for pulling off a win. But, that’s yesterday’s news, and it’s time to take a look at Justin Trudeau’s approval rating now that nearly a year has passed.

When it comes to Justin Trudeau approval rating, the Prime Minister does enjoy a significant edge amongst the other political leaders being the son of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The former Prime Minister’s legacy has given Justin Trudeau a significant boost, and growing up famous and under the spotlight has made Justin recognizable in the public eye, before he even became Prime Minister. But the fact remains that the Young Justin Trudeau does not have the intellectual capacity to be a Prime Minister, a point that is reflected in his current policies. But evidently, this significant shortcoming was not enough to derail Trudeau’s campaign or diminish Justin Trudeau’s approval rating much even after being in office for nearly a year.

What the Numbers Tell Us

It has been almost a year since Canadians handed over the government to the Liberals, and since then Justin Trudeau’s approval rating continues to remain steady. While the party continues to do well with 45%, the party is also showing signs of waning, which was predicted by political pundits who had predicted that the honeymoon period of the Liberal’s outburst would eventually lead to a drop in Justin Trudeau’s approval rating. For now though, six in ten Canadians approve of the current Liberal government under the Trudeau administration, which is a drop of four points since the last time polls were carried out. While the Liberals shrug this off as being a phase, the drop is a significant one especially for a Prime Minister who is apparently one of the most popular PM’s in the world right now.

The Performance of the Trudeau Government

When it comes to the performance of the current Trudeau led government, four in ten people disapprove, which is quite similar to the results of other polls. That being said, Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has allegedly hit an all time high when it comes to Canada’s favourite Prime Minister. This was according to an Abacus Poll that was carried out recently.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Conservative party is labouring under one major issue that they have to address as quick as they can – they do not have a permanent leader for their party, which is a serious disadvantage to their party. And while the Conservative interim leader, Rona Ambrose will be acquitting herself quite admirably, she is not going to stick around until May 2017.

In light of this fact some would question if the Conservatives should resign themselves to a waiting game while they choose a leader for their party. While it might seem that the Conservatives at this point do not have much of a choice keeping in mind Justin Trudeau’s approval rating, they do need to pace themselves. To do this the Conservatives first need to realize that the average Canadian has little or no interest in what goes on in the House of Commons. In other words, incidents such as “elbow-gate” are of little value to the common man. Yes, it was not cool to elbow NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, but it didn’t do much to tarnish Justin Trudeau’s approval rating now did it? At the end of the day, financial mismanagement will be what brings the Liberals down in the next federal election. Celebrity status will be unable to carry the day for them.

For now, the Liberals continue to do well in Quebec and Ontario, while Alberta and British Columbia remains Conservative strongholds. The Conservatives also continue to draw the bulk of their support from men and the college educated.

And Then There’s The Job Problem

According to statistics, Canada’s monthly Labour Force survey, Canada lost 31,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate went up by 0.1 per cent. What’s even worse is that 71,000 full time jobs got smoked too between the months June and July alone. So, the only growth was in part-time work, which went up 0.4 per cent as compared to the same period the previous year. While Trudeau promised to create new jobs for young people according to recent statistics, employment for youngsters who fall between the ages of 15 to 24 actually decreased by 28,000 in July.

Ending Note

While the conservatives do not seem to be overly impressed by the Trudeau Administration even with a high Justin Trudeau approval rating, the conservatives aren’t the only ones that share those thoughts. The Trudeau administration is certainly trying to do everything they can to keep everyone happy, but the problem with that strategy is that you end up putting yourself in fiscal trouble since you will at some point in time, run out of money to spend. This image is quite a turn-off not only to conservatives, but to other parties as well including some in the Liberal camp. The problem with Justin Trudeau is that living a life under the spotlight has led him to believe that being a Prime Ministry is more or less like being a celebrity, as in, wasting time with selfies and photo-shopped pictures rather than taking the job seriously and making serious and knowledgeable choices. While the Liberals have always behaved as if they are smarter and better than everyone else, and that the public and those in the opposition parties are stupid or devoid of common sense, but that thinking can only lead to a ego complex, something that the Liberals have shown symptoms of multiple times. The only difference being, the Justin administration and the Liberals seem to be good at painting a rosy picture for the masses which is the main reason we are seeing Justin Trudeau’s approval rating higher than it should be.


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