Liberals Change Laws Allowing Refugees To Vote Next Election 

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Minister of Immigration John McCallum revealed big plans for the Syrian refugees coming into the country. There is news of a new Bill, “Bill C-6” being passed this fall to give voting and citizenship rights to the Syrian refugees who have lost their homes.

He continued by saying that this is being done because they think that all Canadians are equal and someone who is living on Canadian land should be recognized as a citizen.

Changes are being made in the laws for citizenship by reducing the time to one year, allowing the language test to be taken by older individuals and the requirement for older people to apply for citizenship are being reduced.

The most concerning of all this is that the bill will allow Syrian refugees who arrived last year ot become eligible to vote in the next federal elections. According to Canada’s Citizenship laws, a person must be physically present in Canada for three years before they can be eligible for citizenship. By the next federal elections, the refugees who came last year would have completed this condition and would be perfectly eligible for voting.

As Canadians, we have a responsibility of helping out people in need, but allowing them voting rights might not be the right way to go. People who do not know much about the country and its people should not be deciding who is to run it.

This is a good play by the liberals to secure all the votes by the Syrian refugees in their favor. They will obviously vote for the people who helped them get into their country and if voting rights are allowed, that means that work is being done towards recognizing the refugees as part of the state.

Plus, with all the mismanagement that has been going on, they are sure to lose votes from the many locals which is why this new law of the land is being passed.