Muslims trolled by city manager on 9/11 memorial

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Who could have thought that a seemingly innocuous 9/11 memorial in the remote town of Owego could become a center of controversy? Everything started with the word Islamic terrorist that was enshrined in the homage paid to the thousands of life lost on that fateful day. An Islamic organization located in New York has criticized the subtext as it tends to generalize all Muslims with the single brush of terrorism. Spokesman of the community lamented the fact and suggested the suicide bombers involved in the attack should be specifically called Al Qaeda terrorists.

Often in wake of the lone wolf Islamic attack, liberals immediately jump the gun with the pet line that terror has no religion. The same strategy was adopted by the New York organization but the city manager Donald Castellucci refused to heed to their advice. He was categorical about the loss of life and property during the terror strike and exactly who were the perpetrators behind it.

Donald is in the face person with scant regard to diplomatic niceties or political correctness. In fact, when asked about his response to the displeasure, he mentioned that everybody was aware of the biggest attack in the World history as within a single day 3000 people lost their lives. “Denying inevitable truth is doing injustice to their extreme sacrifices”, he said in the interview.

It is a commendable stand from the official, who was absolutely clear that the massive carnage was the handiwork of the Islamic radicals and not of a Christian or Jew terrorist. On the auspicious day of 10/9/2016, the citizens of the town of Owego would visit the memorial to pay homage to the local residents who lost their lives in the tragic attack. The whole episode proves that still lots of secular and Islamic liberals are still suffering from the ostrich in the sand mindset.


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