Obama hits at American’s ignorance with the world ‘Lazy’

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President Obama has been recently in news what with the fiasco at G20 and now the legendary ‘lazy’ rant in Laos while speaking at the Young South East Asian leader’s initiative conference. He told the audience that average American citizens are too lazy to have knowledge about the world because they think that the US is a huge country occupying the preeminent position on the Globe.

Obama added that the country’s reluctance to adhere to the environment policies stems from the same fact. They are not ready to adopt the sustainable methods of development and continue with their old ways due to the prevailing ignorance. He also maintained that Cambodia is a small country and needs to know about the nations located in its close vicinity.

It was not the first time that US president have criticized the attitude of the Americans. Last year while visiting Malaysia he commented that Republicans were fuelling the growth of the ISIL by blocking the entry of the Syrian refugees into the country.

The present tour of the president was full of apologies for the residents of Laos as he admitted that the US dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs in the country while being embroiled in the Cambodian civil war.

Obama criticizing public on tax payer’s funded foreign tour didn’t go down well with the people. They logged on to the Twitter to express their extreme displeasure. Some called him lame duck president trying to create a personal impression on the East Asian countries at the expense of the general Americans.

He was full of praise for the people living in Laos and adjoining region and commented that the US needs to learn their culture and aspirations. Obama stressed on harnessing the power of youth in Asia pacific provided the Americans paid attention and worked towards the goal but the rant will definitely not go down well in public.


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