“Sunny Ways” Trudeau’s Accomplishments So Far— Should We Be Impressed?

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If only 10% was mathematically superior than 50%. There’s no point in trying to rework fractional mathematics now. The Canadian elections concluded last year and “Sunny Ways” Trudeau was elected Prime Minister fair and square. So, after nearly a year of being in office, let’s take a closer look at some Justin Trudeau accomplishments, or what seem to be accomplishments. This should give you a better idea of our youthful Prime Minister beneath all the selfies and photo-shopped photos, courtesy of his personal photographer. While the Liberals would like us believe that PM Justin Trudeau means to turn Canada into a sort of utopia, or “Trudopia” the reality seems far from it.

Trudeau’s Refugees

In the months since the Canadian elections, Trudeau, a self-described feminist, who was previously a TV star, an amateur boxer, teacher and snowboarding instructor has assumed the role of the leader of Canada…with a heart. First on our list of Justin Trudeau accomplishments has got to be the acceptance of refugees by the Trudeau Administration. Back in December, just a few months after getting elected, Trudeau welcomed a planeload of refugees from Syria and uttered to the delight of the Twitterati “You’re safe at home now.”

But, here’s the kicker, the Trudeau Administration does not have a clue on how to screen these refugees for possible terrorists. Sure, never mind refugees, who according to polls support Sharia Law and terrorist groups. According to a poll by the Arab Centre for Research and Public Policy Studies, almost 31% of refugees from Syria do not want ISIS to be defeated. And it gets worse. The same poll also shows that almost 10% of Syrian refugees, (you know, the ones who were told “You’re safe at home now.”) say that ISIS is a threat, while a whopping 49% believe that America and Israel are bigger threats. Point is, more than half of the refugees brought in to Canada are cheering for the terrorists. So, you can’t really call this one of Justin Trudeau accomplishments.

Cleaning Up….After Papa Trudeau

Known for his flamboyant nature, Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau also served as Prime Minister and was given rock star status. An intellectual in his own right, Papa Trudeau was responsible for some not-so-smart decisions that now his son is left to clean up. First off, Trudeau (senior) invoked the War Measures Act which basically gave more power to the police. Pierre Trudeau is also famous for his 1969 white paper which resulted in the Canadian indigenous people losing their status. This was done under the banner of the Liberal Party’s concept of promoting multiculturalism. It also abolished the reservation system, which meant that the land of the indigenous people was put on sale. So, in a way, many of the challenges that the young Trudeau is facing today was put in place by his own daddy.

Regarding the plight of the Canadian indigenous people, just last month, while rocking their last concert, legendary band, The Tragically Hip appealed to Trudeau (who was in the audience) to do more for the indigenous people in Canada.

Trudeau’s Gender-Balanced Cabinet

One of the many Justin Trudeau accomplishments is the co-called “gender-balanced” cabinet of the Trudeau Administration. To be fair, it is true that Trudeau has appointed quite a few people of colour to prominent cabinet positions that also includes the new defence minister, Harjit Sajjan, whose appointment made headlines in Canada and the rest of the world, but one small detail that the news kept out was that Sajjan has a shady record as a former Canadian intelligence officer who was posted in Afghanistan and turned prisoners of war over to the Afghan forces who then tortured and killed most of them. But, we’re guessing Justin Trudeau accomplishments only mean the Trudeau Administration’s multi cultural administration.

As the Saviour of the Private Sector

When it comes to labour issues in the private sector, we have not been able to see many Justin Trudeau accomplishments. Reason being, Trudeau’s record has been terrible. Not only did the Prime Minister champion the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement which favours the corporate sector over individuals, the results of the CETA agreement means that investors can bring lawsuits over the government policies that don’t work in their favour. These investors will also get to take their case to special tribunals where they will enjoy more legal protection as compared to other groups both in international or domestic law.

As Protector of Democracy

One of Justin Trudeau accomplishments that the Liberals like to boast about is making Trudeau a sort of protector or savior of democracy. Similar to the American Democrats, Trudeau’s foreign policy has more holes than Swiss cheese. It is more aggressive, and means that Canada retains her title as the second largest arms supplier to the Middle East and Levant. And that’s not all, under the Trudeau Administration, Canada has made its list of arm’s customers longer by adding Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Thailand and Philippines to its list. While the previous laws forbade arms exports that could end up putting Canadian lives at risk, (which is why Harper didn’t make any weapons deals with Saudi Arabia), now that the part of the law which states, “other countries of people” was altered by Trudeau and his pals to “civilians” this limits the prohibition and opens up the arm’s trade. And let’s not forget Trudeau’s decision to sent more than a thousand Canadian soldiers to Latvia to blunt the Russian aggression in the area, which puts Canada on a war footing with the Kremlin.

Trudeau…the Environmentalist

Justin Trudeau accomplishments also includes him being an environmentalist, which is quite strange, especially after he joined in Sarah Palin’s chorus of “Drill Baby Drill” not too long ago, and also called for more oil to be extracted from the tar sands of Alberta.

Ending Note

These were just some examples of belligerence and hypocrisy, which are being packaged as Justin Trudeau accomplishments by the Liberals, when the truth is that Trudeau is the very embodiment of the “edgy white liberal” that parades a stage-managed appearance. In the end, the Trudopia that the Trudeau Administration talks about is nothing but a country let by a potato.


Delilah is 31 years old from Toronto Canada and has a conservative view on politics, she lives on the road following big names in politics, she has come upon us with many years writing experience, in her early years she has been all over Europe back-packing and had the "adventure of a lifetime" before settling down to write news on Canadian and World politics.