Window is closing for Trudeau as Hillary steps in

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It is pretty hard to characterize the global leaders especially those who can instantly turn into dove or hawk depending on the circumstances. Politics is a funny thing as we see people behave in a strange manner when faced with tough decision-making process.

15 years have elapsed since the 9/11 attack but people still remember how the then Prime Minister of Canada spurned the advances of the George W Bush to meddle in the Iraq war that some mockingly call the “expedition to find the weapons of mass destruction”. Jean Chretien, the head of the state in Canada in the year 2003 refused to get cowed down by the republican administration in Washington and agreed to send the troops only under the aegis of Security Council resolution.

Jean escaped the bad press in those times but results would have been quite different from Democrats were heading the government at the Capitol Hill. The déjà vu is imminent in the year 2016 as the chances of Hillary winning the US elections are quite high. If she steps on the gas, the light weight policy of Obama using drones and special security forces would be jettisoned in the favor of usage of troops and brigades in the theater of war and counter-intelligence.

It will be interesting to know how the existing prime minister of Canada would respond to the call of the troops from Hillary. His carefully cultivated media image of being all inclusive and tolerant can take a huge beating if he acquiesced to Clinton’s request. Probably Trudeau has already sensed what is expected of him and has sent 500 troops as a part of the Nato Build up against Russia. More would be coming as it just a matter of time of time once Hillary walks into to the White House.


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