Free for all in Canada for low-skilled refugees

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Canadian Government is besotted with liberalism to such an extent that it has allowed the intake of a large number of low-skilled immigrants in spite of long recession in the country. According to experts, the unemployment rate has already touched 7% with no respite for the future. The new arrivals will not be management or research graduates but probably illiterates migrating en masse from Syria. The government is not sparing a thought that the country which is grappling with low growth would not be able to sustain such a huge army of freeloaders,

More than 75% people arriving in Quebec do not have any idea about French and English language. The million dollar question is that what thousands of unskilled immigrants would do in Canada. With Trans-Canada and Trans mountain pipelines hiring professionals in huge numbers, the unemployment rate can fall and probably the country may have to import workers, however, permitting the migrant or refugees inside the country defies logic.

Existing room for the professionals visiting Canada is bound to shrink as the immigrants would be instead entering the country. The minister of immigration stressed that the government is opting for a humanitarian approach towards the refugees fleeing from the countries of Middle East.

Harpers regime saw more than 60% of economic migrants while refugees contributed only 10% of the lot but Justin Trudeau’s liberals have broken the glass ceiling and are allowing the low-skilled immigrants to form 20% of the mix. It doesn’t augur well for the country that may have to pay a huge price in the future with incidents of social unrest.

Since coming to power, the liberals have permitted 25,000 Syrian refugees inside the country and more than 50, 000 people are to follow in the near future. The responsibility of their resettlement lies with the government further straining the budget.


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