Muslims assault women and children in South France

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France one again was at the receiving end of Muslim aggression as two friends and children were subjected to harassment by dozens of Islamist extremists in the eastern part of Toulon. The violent behavior was attributed to the shots worn by the victims. Women were called names such as sluts while they were walking with children.

Slowly but surely, the French natives are being pushed by the fundamentalists to dress conservatively, thereby changing the tolerant culture of the country. Husbands walking with the women tried to reason out with attackers but to no avail as the hooligans fell upon them by exhibiting unparalleled violence. The scenario was so gruesome that human rights activities would have shrieked with horror although in the real world they pretend as if nothing happened. Adding insult to injury they might go berserk and criticize about a fictitious problem called Islamophobia and would continue to do so till the country starts walking under a giant veil.

The entire sequence of events is happening in spite of the fact that French Muslims can visit the mosque without the fear of getting bombed. Altercation saga was so ugly that husbands were beaten and got hospitalized.

A similar incident occurred last year when an 18-year woman was beaten black and blue by the local Islamic gang for wearing a revealing dress. A silent dress code is being tried by the conservative Muslim organization to be implemented across the country. It will be a nightmare for France forcing the people to take the matter into their own hands. Appeasement of minorities is a perfect recipe for disaster with liberals looking the other way.

On August 25, a woman was beaten by the Muslim woman and her family because she was topless while taking a bath and was instructed to hide her chest. On refusal, the Islamic goons tormented not only her but the husband too. If the tendency is not controlled, the day of Sharia law becoming a reality would not be too far.