POLL: Is Trudeau doing a good job so far?

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UPDATE: After 1,000’s of votes, people question why it’s so lopsided, we DON’T target anyone to take our poll, our poll is shared via Facebook and Twitter organically, only one vote per IP address is allowed.

We don’t have stats about the people are who take this poll, but we have stats from the people who read this article day after day, they have been added below the poll box.

Justin Trudeau has has been making headlines ever since he got elected last fall, more good than bad, polls have been a great way to get opinions on support for many years, in 2016 polls are a great way to get real answers as these can be shared all over social media.

CBC and the rest of the mainstream media claim Trudeau has record breaking support, up to 80% in some cases, the mainstream media polls are only targeted to favour centrists and the left, so for obvious reasons these polls will be sided by the media.

Usually our polls are lopsided too, but our polls are seen by thousands of people across Canada from coast to coast, by the left and the right, they can’t get any better than that can they? Take the poll below and share, please note, the poll will only allow one vote per IP address.

POLL STATS, we can’t control these stats, many countries read this article but Canada is dominating this stat and other countries are irrelevant to this poll. 

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