Refugees in Canada multiplying like rabbits and getting $6,000 per month in benefits

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In a recent interview with Akram, a Syrian refugee some startling facts came to light. With commotion surrounding influx of the immigrants, one can only wonder how their population is increasing by leaps and bounds in Canada. As Akram said that he never saw a country where people got help from the government for doing absolutely nothing. He migrated from the worn torn Syria and landed up in turkey. According to him, the health insurance scheme of the European country was far superior to that of Canada. Initially, Akram applied for asylum in Europe but due to a long waiting list, he settled for the next best option of going to the North American country.

Canadian officials ran a security check of his family to ascertain whether they belonged to any armed group. They were provided translation service to overcome the communication gap and once the security cleared them, they happily walked into the liberal bliss of the country.

Akram is quite happy with his new home because the government provides huge amount as child benefits to refugees. One of his neighbor’s hogs around 4000$ for his 7 children and also gets extra 2000$ for his welfare. Some of the new arrivals have already purchased expensive automobiles with government funded doles.

The majority of Akram’s friends are not ready to work in spite being offered the volunteering job. They are contented to sit at home suck the present government like a leech. The worst part of the whole episode is that some of the families are trying to have more babies to continue getting child benefits.

Integration with the current society is a huge problem for the refugees. They cannot understand English and are often under the influence of the local mosques infested with rabid fundamentalists. In short, Mr. Prime minister is stuck with twin problems of rising population of refugees apart from the generous doles that are on offer.

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