Sheldon Kennedy says that Harper fared a lot better on child protection

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Sheldon Kennedy, the co-founder of Respect Group has admitted that Stephen Harper, the ex-prime minister of Canada has done a lot for the welfare of children. In fact, he created a benchmark for taking steps in preventing child abuse and providing justice to the juvenile victims.

Harper passed the victim bills of rights in the parliament comprising of the right to information, participation, and restitution. It has empowered children to get justice against any kind of abuse.

100$ million funds were created to find and combat the family and child abuse. It became the primary objective of the Health Canada project. After the passing of the bill, Canada has become the only country to treat Child abuse as a part of the health sector.

Numerous child advocacy centers were opened in more than 20 communities across the country with 10.3 million dollar funding. They offer a complete solution to prevent the child abuse in families. A dedicated team of police, health professionals, and psychologists work in close coordination with the victim to address the outstanding requirements.

As a Prime minister, Harper understood the seriousness of the child abuse and in collaboration with Peter MacKay and Rona Ambrose has drafted series of measures that have made reduced the instances of violence perpetrated on the children.

Sheldon Kennedy as a child advocate is trying his best to identify the abuses prevalent in the families. On the surface, they seem to be absent but always lurk in the background. Stephen harpers crusade against the issue started when he learned about the miseries of the kids and how they were subjected to violence at home. With the right measures, the much-maligned minister has successfully made the country a much better place for the kids to live in. Thanks to him the children of today are able to live life without fear.


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