Tampons to be available in male washrooms at Brown University

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The news that tampons are making their way into the male bathroom is a bolt from the blue. It is a ridiculous proposition put forward by Viet Nguyen, current president of the undergraduate council of the Brown University. Recently he announced that menstruation should not be linked to the gender of a woman.

Prior to implementing the decision he sent a campus-wide email to students and university staff apprising them of the situation and how his administration is now making tampon a necessary item. He also mentioned that students from low-income family were unable to buy the same because a major part of the money went towards meeting food essentials.

With the introduction of Tampons, Viet Nguyen aims to include the preferences of the Trans population nevertheless, in reality, the number of such individuals is minuscule. Superficially it appears to be a novel idea for the liberals but actually the announcement could be considered as an epitome of idiocy.

The present government in its effort to appease the minority or to implement the so-called inclusive agenda has resorted to wired decisions. A terming tampon as a basic necessity for the male students is laughable but with Viet Nguyen at the helm the primary problems can take a backseat.

While declaring that tampon will be available at washroom he opined that the idea might be fiercely resisted by some quarters. According to him, more than 30 bathrooms inside the campus will stock the product. Everybody agrees that female hygiene products are essential but to make them available for males is taking the idea too far. Although leftists would be applauding the move, it is bound to be resisted by the sane individuals. The university administration, on the contrary, thinks that by implementing the decision, it is possible to make the menstrual topic a part of public discourse.


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