ConocoPhillips Layoffs: Rachel Notley Kills Another 1,000 Jobs

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ConocoPhillips has announced they will cut 1,000 jobs from their workforce, 300 of which are in Calgary, ConocoPhillips says Canada is not looking so attractive than some of its other operations, blaming low oil prices and the inability to get product to new markets via pipeline.

Low oil prices is not Premier Rachel Notley’s fault at all, but her bad policies that she worked so hard to bring into Alberta can be to blame, and not to mention her continued effort to halt pipeline projects, Notley has not defended the NEB disaster hearing that have been happening recently.

These 300 newly unemployed people are just collateral damage in Rachel Notley’s war on oil and gas. Calgary is already at 9% unemployment. One in ten Calgarians are looking for work.

When will the unemployment rate be high enough to get Rachel Notley to change her agenda? (Source)