Hillary Clinton to be replaced because of her medical issues?

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The unthinkable is happening in the US elections as Hillary Clinton fell ill in the closing stages of her campaign. She was seen limping towards her vehicle while going to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment. On Friday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and got dehydrated leading to the rumors that democrats were planning to replace her with a new candidate.

While paying tribute to the victim of 9/11 incident, she immediately fell ill and was coughing. The doctor diagnosed her with lung infection forcing Clinton to abort the California campaign. Donald trump, her republican rival earlier commented that he was mentally and physically not in a sound health top adorn the mantle of president.

Hillary has been facing problems with her health since 2012 when she was found to be suffering from the blood clot. It was removed and she recuperated quickly back into the active life. But In case if she is dropping out of the presidential race, democratic national committee will spring into action and may invoke Article 2, Section 7 to select an alternative candidate by organizing an emergency meeting. It will be held under the leadership of the Chairperson entrusted with the responsibility of forging a consensus.

Various permutation and combinations are being worked out in the Dem camp. For instance, if Hillary wins the elections but is not healthy enough to carry on the role of president, the section 3 of the 20th amendment of the constitution may come into force. In such a situation, Vice president would be sworn in as president of United States.

The news of Clinton being replaced was first leaked by the leftist reporter David Shuster based on the information available from his democratic sources. Bernie Sanders would be feeling elated but still the whole saga is a source of speculation that is yet to be confirmed.


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