Liberal send death threats to conservative pages all the time

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We have been known to expose the truth the liberal media has been hiding, we have many pages across many social media channels and our articles from across our many website are seen by millions across Canada.

Liberal supporters have sent us many death threats, calling us racist, bigots, homophobic and many other names, they claim their innocence but here are some of the messages send to our inboxes.

Message Body:
special place in hell for you with the nazis and bin laden

Message Body:
DON”T WORRY BIGOTS. I’ll be back everyday. I’ll message you everyday and report you everyday until you are gone from social media.
COME ON do some screen shots you coward.
people with half a wit can see you are scum bags

hahaha. do you think i am as stupid as you. called the police? I WISH! I would love the RCMP hate crimes division to take a look at the lies you spew. And i welcome you to stop by for a visit any time! i’d love to tell you to your bigoted face what a rat fink scum bag you are. there’s a special place in hell for dirt bags like you. beside your other racist, nazi loving bigots.

Message Body:

Message Body:

Can’t wait for you to happen what happened to Harper and Osama bin Ladin, you deserve what’s coming to you. 

You deserve to die and I hope you do, the majority voted Trudeau so deal with it. 

And that’s just some of the threats, there’s many others from fake accounts from Facebook emails and Twitter.

Many other pages receive the same type of messages, most of these people admit to support the liberal and Democratic Party.

End note and opinion

We don’t support anything illegal including death threats made towards liberal and conservatives, most of the death threats we receive are from liberals and if we see threats like this towards liberals we remove them as soon as we see them, we have a small team of moderators who check messages and comments daily, there’s simply too many to moderate and some will slip by, we rely on other fans and members to report such threats so we can determine action from there.

Our websites and social media accounts simply write news, if you don’t agree with the news there’s a simple answer, don’t read it, we will never stop.

We can’t report most of these profiles simply because they are Fake accounts, on Facebook there’s 80 million fake accounts and growing, and Facebook can’t even confirm this number, police won’t do anything because it’s long process to find out who has fake accounts.