Mother of 9/11 attackers says her son is in Guantanamo bay prison

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In a recent interview with the Spanish media, mother of Mohammad Atta, the mastermind of 9/11 hijacking episode believes that her son is alive and imprisoned at Guantanamo bay. According to Bozaina Mohamed Mustafa Sheraqi, her son was the victim of the American Conspiracy and was innocent.

Residing in Cairo along with her two daughters, she told on the phone that recently she sends him the message that her age is now 74 and wanted to see him one last time before death. According to her, an elaborate plot was hatched by the US government to blame the incidents on the people with Arab Passports and make Islam appear like a demonic religion. It was probably the first time that the hijacker mother decided to give the interview after a long hiatus since the 9/11 strike.

Interestingly Atta family has repeatedly told to the media that their son was innocent and he was just a passenger on the ill-fated flight. Once Atta was found to be one of the 19 hijackers involved in the plot, his father a lawyer claimed that his only son did not know anything about hijacking and even called him by phone after 9/11 incident.

Initially, the father didn’t believe about Atta’s death but after the London tube bombings of 2005, he came to terms that his son died in the hijacking incident. With entire drama swirling around, it seems that the family is still stuck with Atta’s old image of a nice individual. In one single stroke, the ringleader of the plot changed the entire public discourse of 21st century to terrorism. What more, the irony is that his mother still years for his son’s presence who is long gone and brought untold miseries to the world by participating in a huge carnage.


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