Canada continues importing unskilled immigrant while unemployment rate climbs to 7%

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The present government has tossed sanity out of the window as far as the economy is concerned. In spite of the present unemployment rate of 7%, the decision of Trudeau to welcome Syrian immigrants is nothing short of suicide. Probably the immigration minister John McCallum can answer the question but does the media has the courage to do so. The majority of the low-skilled immigrants are neither Ph.D. not engineers with huge experience. By inviting them and providing doles Trudeau is digging a black hole for the Canadian economy and its citizens.

Le Devoir reported to media that 77% of the refugees arriving in Quebec didn’t have any idea about the French or English language. According to him, Trans-Canada pipelines organization wants to hire thousands of people on its payroll. Similarly, Northern gateway and trans-mountain pipelines are ready to provide 35 billion dollars of jobs to the trained workforce but illiterate Syrians arriving in hordes are unfit for any job market leave Canada. Instead, the government should hire skilled workers from all around the world to enhance the economy of the country.

Migrants with little or no job opportunities would do the next best thing and that is to survive of doles. Everybody now knows how the welfare system of Europe has made people lazy and the same scenario is being enacted in Canada albeit with a twist of Syrian refugees. The budget deficit is going to increase along with fundamentalism in the society since the majority of the people arriving in the country refuse to assimilate with the local culture. Moreover, mosques in different cities will continue to propagate radicalization that might not manifest immediately but after a couple of generations. A government of Canada needs to realize the mistake before it is too late but is Mr. Trudeau listening?


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