Female jihadist Terrorist plans to carry out attacks on the West

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Sally Jones has been entitled being the most wanted female terrorists. Her journey began from Chatham where she was unhappy with her life and began chatting with Hussain who was just 19 and an experienced computer hacker. In the year 2013, he decided to join ISIL and asked Jones to accompany him. As soon as they reached Syria, they got married and changed her religion to Islam. She became Sakinah Hussain and named her son Hamza.   

From Syria, they reached Raqqa where Hussain was sent to countryside and Jones to Tala’s camp where they would receive their training. Jones training lasted for around six weeks and learned more about Sharia and how to create terror.

After few weeks Hussain married another woman from Syria but this did not affect Jones and she continued to work with Hussain. According to him, everyone in the ISIL group had two wives and Junaid was a very simple Muslim girl.

Jones and Hussain traveled together to Mosul and asked the ISIL to install the radar technology. As Hussain was competent in hacking, he was found suspected in several incidents and finally got killed in 2015 by the US.

His death came as a shock of Jones and she took charge of Anwar al-Awlaki which was founded by Hussain to attack the West. She trained the women in handling the weapons, fight and to proceed with the suicide missions. Jones recruited a number of women for West Terror attacks through social media by influencing them with the life at caliphate.

There were many who could come to Syria but Jones trained them to conduct terror attacks from their home itself. Even his son Joe joined lion cub where they learn all about the ISIL.

Here they are brainwashed so that they could develop bad feeling against the West. Recently Joe’s video was found on the internet where his grandparents recognized him but there is no proof regarding the truth.


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