Terror on flight as migrant yells ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘death is coming’

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A few days back passengers traveling in Jet Flight EZY5263 going to Venice from Gatwick experienced an unusual incident. A migrant was seen shouting, screaming and threatening the people with his hostile behavior. According to the 11-minute video shared by one of its passengers, the migrant yelled the name “Allahu Akbar” a least 29 times, “we will die” 9 times and “death is coming” 17 times. This was definitely a horrifying situation as people were in terror while kids got scared and started crying.

Even the crew members of the flight did not take any action rather than they were asking the passengers to delete the videos as well as other stuff captured by them. Their duty was to calm the man but on the other hand, they just neglected the entire thing and focussed on the landing the flight to its destination.

According to the information, this migrant was being deported from the asylum of UK to Italy. It is the duty of the Dublin Regulation to ensure the safety of such people. Many people have been deported earlier but never such an incident took place. Around £30 is spent by Home Officials for deporting the people from one location to another.

One of the couples, Lucy and Terence O’Sullivan who were going for their honeymoon shared their experience and told us that it was a very scary scene. Initially, he thought that the man is suffering from some kind of fit but later on realized he was mentally retarded. The wife thought that she was the victim of some terror attack and this person is the one behind all this. She had no idea about from where the man came or whether he belonged to any terrorist group.

The two hours journey for the people was nothing more than a nightmare and they would never forget it in their lifetime.


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