Trudeau Skips 9/11 Memorial To Visit Mosque With Ties To Terrorists

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Prime Minister seems to be the darling of the liberal media as he pulls out stunts like rabbits from the hat. On Monday morning he did something similar by visiting the gender segregated mosque, the Imam of which is a member of group blacklisted as a terrorist organization worldwide. Samy Metwally is a member of International Union for Muslim scholars that was banned by the UAE government and also labeled as a terrorist entity.

The founder of IUMS was Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the chief ideologue of Muslim Brotherhood group. His dubious claim to fame was fanning hatred against Israelis that prompted the French government to ban his entry into the country. Muslim brotherhood organization is also considered illegal by six other governments. In Canada, the federal leadership came under increasing pressure to do but it resisted in order to cater to the vote bank politics.

IUMS website posts are anything but rational. They are filled with rabid calls to the Syrian rebel groups to stop infighting and wage holy war of Jihad against in the infidels. During Eid festival, Trudeau visited the Ottawa mosque probably to express his gratitude towards the minorities for voting him en masse during elections.

Metwally, the Imam is a graduate of the Sunni Al-Azhar University in Egypt and since then has indulged in an intensive study of the Sharia Law. Trudeau meeting a fanatic and giving a miss to 6 Canadians who lost their lives in 9/11 attack is a classic example of a liberal gone nuts. What the present government is doing indicates an utter disregard for the sacrifices of its citizens and incessant pandering to whims and fancies of the Muslim population. Although it seems to be working for the government as far as votes are concerned but the day is not far when Sharia will rule the roost in Canada. Wonder what dear Trudeau has to say then?


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