Most Trudeau Polls Are Wrong 

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Many would agree that most Justin Trudeau polls are wrong and biased with false targeting and media guidance.

Millions of people tune into CBC monthly as read how great of job Justin Trudeau is doing, they won’t tell you how much the liberal media is paying them for doing a great job to make the PM look good.

The Star just recently said Trudeau fell in the polls to 48% but they have no real stats who took the poll, and usually when polls like this go out they take months to interview only between 1000 to 2000 people.

We did our own poll, this poll was not targeted, and people were free to vote if they wish, the simple question was asked if Trudeau is doing a good job so far? 90% said NO, there was 4500 votes at time of writing this, the post got 2000 shares all over social media, the poll was seen by people on social media all over Canada as stats are posted. Check out this poll here.

The liberal media has the power to move people, they have the power to tell people how to vote, 90% of Canada’s media is funded by the liberals at $625 million a year, the other 10% are private funded and their polls are usually lopsided against Trudeau.

Do you think the liberal media has biased polls? Share and comment your thoughts.