Another first from Trudeau: gender Segregation at holy places is modern diversity

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Trudeau never fails to surprise the Canadian citizens who have elected him with a huge majority. Promising to make the country an absolute heaven, he has reneged and instead makes funny excuses justifying his minority appeasement policy. Take his recent visit to the gender-segregated mosque in Ottawa where the Prime minister was brushing shoulders with some of the most fundamentalist figures of the country.

When asked about his visit, Trudeau told media that his duty is to bring people together rather than driving them. According to him, the concept of gender segregation shows that how diverse society Canada is where people from all religions coexist peacefully with each other

He went back to his old rhetoric of following an inclusive policy rather than one filled with anxiety and fear. Speaking like a true politician, Trudeau tried his best to paint the visit as some kind of a noble venture to bridge the relationship between minority and majority.

Conservative bashing seemed to be his primary objective but can anybody ask why he is hell bent on giving more than equal opportunities to the group that refuses to assimilate. A few years from now when Islamic emirates are formed in the middle of Canada, would he be there repenting his actions. It’s so easy to pander to the vote politics but is it good for the long terms future of the country.

In his zeal to make Canada a very open society, Trudeau is secretly agreeing to the way of life of Sharia. The proof lies in the pudding and what better than the royal treatment meted out to all and sundries from the Middle East converging into the country like hordes. The situation may worsen in the future but we hope that sanity prevails over the liberals so that they uphold the integrity of the country.


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