BDS activist attacks peaceful Pro-Israel protesters gets arrested in Montreal

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A renowned and a well recognized popular figure belonging to the divestment and sanctions (BDS) organization was arrested by Montreal police authorities for attacking the Pro-Israel demonstrators on 10th August. Francis Mounadhel is the mastermind responsible for causing mayhem as he is also entrusted with the task of organizing massive rallies in support of the Palestinian organizations. His arrest is no shock as the person is a rabid fundamentalist known to have a pathological hatred towards the Jews.

After the arrest, Francis has to appear before the municipal court on 4th October and thereafter the trial will start in the month of November. Not an iota of remorse was visible on his face as the cops took him away. The incident regarding his involvement took place in Montreal at World social forum conference, organized by Solidarity across Borders Anti-Racist Response Committee (SAB Antifa) group. The pro-Israel crowd walked towards the venue to stage a peaceful protest but they were assaulted by the supporters of SAB. In fact, Meir Weinstein was knocked down by the punch in the face while some women protestors also suffered physical injuries. Due to the sudden onslaught, the pro-Israeli demonstrators could not move further and instead were told by the police to launch a complaint against the culprits.

WSF program in Canada has long been on the radar of security agencies for promoting anti-Semitism and also blames Israel and US nexus for the rise of ISIS. The followers of WSF are advocates of Palestinian terrorists and regard Iran as the leader of the Islamic world. Not only that, they also glorify the organizations like Hamas that openly deal with sabotage and attacks against the Israeli and western targets.

On the other hand, Weinstein in spite of being hit and injured told that he and his friends would not get intimidated by the actions of WSF organization but continue to protest against its ideology.


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