Bradford rape accused profusely apologizes to his victim on Whatsapp

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Bradford rape incident took an interesting turn when the accused Ryan Falconer sent a desperate message to the victim “If only you said no one more time everything would have stopped instantly”.  The messages actually fly in the face of the defense and increase the chances of Ryan to begin his long walk to jail.

Evidence in the form of WhatsApp message was furnished to the court by the prosecutors. It was quite obvious that Ryan forced himself upon her. In conversation, the victim is found saying that she is confused and admonishes him for forcing her to sleep with him.

Jonathan Sharp, the prosecution attorney suggested to the jury that the messages exchanged between the victim and the alleged accused can easily nail him. The admission on the part of visibly upset Ryan has made the case watertight and provides enough ammo to the victim.

In spite of having a relationship, the accused had a friendship with the women. Sometimes he explicitly indicated his intention but she spurned the advances. In the court, prosecution maintains that the victim occasionally flirted with accused however she never crossed the red line.

On the fateful day of 16 may 2015, she invited Falconer to her house in the evening when the parents were away. They both went into the bedroom when the accused tried to rape her and also indulged in oral molestation. All the time, he was repeating that you want it to happen but the victim replied in negative. The woman was so angry after the incident that she told Ryan to leave the house at night.

Judge Jonathan interrogated and asked why she didn’t raise any alarm. In reply, the alleged victim told that she was shocked and didn’t want her parents to know about the rape. With so many evidence circulating around, the trial has become too complex.


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