Canadians want more migrants to arrive in Canada, says McCallum

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Minister of immigration in his typical rant has stated that majority of citizens in Canada wish that more migrants settle into the country both skilled and unskilled. His latest rhetoric seems nothing but an empty boast because, in the recent survey conducted by Nanos, 16% of Canadians want immigrants while about 39% want fewer people arriving at their shores. It is understandable because the unemployment rate has shot up to a high from the past decade. The same survey also stated that 45% of the citizens were opposed to the entry of the temporary foreign workers. It was an expected response keeping in view that so many educated Canadians are not able to get the job.

For migrants arriving from the Middle East, the majority of people want tight screening process to eliminate future security threat. 60% of the respondents interviewed were in the favor of migration but only for those people who are skilled and are fit for the job market in the country.

With concrete statistics available, it is ridiculous how the reverend immigration minister has concocted the imaginary figures. The recession has stuck the Canadian economy with companies laying off workers across different industrial domains. People are reluctant to spend as they are not assured about their jobs in the future. In such a hostile scenario, inviting so many refugees and migrants can fuel social and economic unrest in the country.

During elections, the prime minister advocated the policy of increased migration for the relatives of the immigrants in the country. The alibi was to develop strong community bonding but with the economy in doldrums how far it would help is anybody’s guess. When in opposition, Trudeau made fun of the stringent policy of the conservationist but to make the country free for all is inviting disaster for the future. The only downside is that when it happens, Justin would be nowhere around.


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