Justin Trudeau thinks Canada is a country without a culture of its own or personality

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Much is spoken about Canada; as well as a lot of people have the dream of going to North America so they can rebuild their lives there and start from scratch in that nation, we could say that there are many more countries and people in general that feel a great admiration for Canada.

The statement is not influenced by any kind of favoritism; the country was awarded the recognition of the Reputation Institute as the most admired country in the world.

This admiration and respect for Canada and its world view is what has caused this wave of immigration to the aforementioned. Even the first Minister, Justin Trudeau, known by many as a person beyond the ordinary with controversial thoughts, is seen around the world as a reference in the LGTB community, and the women community, since he has engaged himself in an arduous struggle as legal representative thereof; he’s a man who’s used to being in the eye of the hurricane.

Justin Trudeau, in a recent interview with the New York Times, said a few words that have been somewhat complicated to digest, even for the experts: he stated that Canada is a country that has no basis or own inheritance, which cannot be defined as a culture but rather as a new kind of country, a “pan-cultural” one. “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada”, said Trudeau.

This thought was admired by many, but hated and branded as “radical” by others; among the latter, there’s the New York Times itself included. The reason why this group has that conception in relation to the Prime Minister’s words is because Canada does have a remarkable story and culture, even though they can be defined very clearly: Canada has a proud 800 years of history, history that began when the Magna Carta was signed by their ancestors, which defines the country as a great nation with lots of history and a culture of their own, or that’s what many of that statement’s detractors think.

Trudeau doesn’t retract his words. On the contrary, he just supports it more forcefully; he often apologizes abroad for his country. His position’s advocates claim that Canada is finally becoming a really developed country and is opening its mind to new horizons, away from a patriot and nationalist sentiment, which will take the country to a great breakthrough.


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