Muslim man attacks the New York Police with a butcher knife.

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The man who conducted the attack on a few New York Police officers with a butcher knife had already been arrested once, long ago, for carrying a knife in a synagogue’s surrounding area. The man in question has caused controversy and much annoyance among the supremacist Islamic community members, since they consider this represents a threat and a real danger for the aforementioned congregation, especially for its women.  
What many can’t understand is the slip-up justice has demonstrated in this occasion, given that the 32 year old prisoner had gone through 15 arrests beforehand, according to the NBC television network. The last event, this attack, took place yesterday, on Thursday, September 15th, around noon.  
The place of this latest accident was New York, in the environs of the Penn Station, one of the metropolis’ most important railway centers. The suspect threw himself on an attack full of rage against three police officers, who responded with several shots and a persecution that filled the city with fear. The 3 police officers ended up injured; in spite of that, two of them are already considered out of danger, but there’s one who’s still in a grave state, according to the doctors in charge. The suspect of the attack was admitted in the hospital as well due to the 18 shots he received.

The unfortunate and courageous men say they didn’t want to shoot all of sudden; they tried to stop him using a taser, but apparently it didn’t have any effect on the attacker: looking out for their lives, they proceeded by shooting the suspect. Everything seems to indicate he had spent the night inside of a vehicle that was found in the surrounding area of the spot where the events took place.