Woman pointing rifle sparks fear of ISIS attack

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In the middle of a growing fear that has been provoked among the world’s population, but more specifically in Europe, due to the big, consecutive waves of attacks that ISIS has thrown in various countries that form the continent.Last September 15th happened an event that makes clear the constant fear of these terrorist attacks; the occurrence can sound even a little bit funny, but in fact it is quite distasteful, and it is that in a famous and very crowded hotel called Oasis Village, located in Spain, Fuerteventura, a woman walked around the surroundings and facilities with a rifle.

According to many witnesses and tourists who saw the scene, the woman walked all around the pool pointing her gun at the tourists, and even at many children who were calmly swimming without realizing of her presence. According to witnesses, the woman walked quietly under the nervous gaze of the tourists; they even tell the story of how some of them ran out to other areas of the enclosure to hide, full of panic.

But the reality after all of this is much softer than what it seemed, as the woman was only part of the resort’s staff, more specifically, the Animation entertainment team, and she just wanted, in a very unorthodox way, to invite the holidaymakers to participate in rifle-shooting activity.

This obviously hasn’t gone unnoticed in the eyes of many important people, who brand the event as irresponsible, given that Europe is a continent that has been constantly attacked by the terrorist group ISIS; all authorities and civilians in the continent are alert as the aforementioned terrorist group has repeatedly made clear its intentions to attack weak points as tourist areas , and it has stayed true to its promise, since it has attacked at times of festivity, like in the recent attacks in France, and the one that occurred in a tourists beach in Tunisia, which produced an unfortunate balance of 38 deaths.

Definitely, this irresponsible act cannot be ignored and many think the employee should receive a proper sanction for the unpleasant time.