Anonymous: “I regret Voting Trudeau in federal elections”

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This was sent in to Debate Post from a Canadian who wished to remain anonymous. Here’s their story. 

For a change, I voted liberals in past elections and committed the biggest blunder of my life. After the end of Harper era, I hated him more than ever for his policies and with Trudeau promising human touch my stand to switch the allegiance seemed vindicated. Since coming to power, Justin embarked on a stupid decision-making spree proving me wrong every time. Right from the increase in security expenditure to allowing a large number of migrants inside the country, he has committed mistakes one after the other.

In the new regime, minority appeasement is a huge problem as Trudeau is working on a silent agenda to introduce alien culture inside the country. The visit to the mosque and terming veil as a symbol of diversity, he is aspiring to make the Canadian way of life extremely tolerant to its point of own detriment.

Immigration without logic to more than 25000 refugees from Syria is a sure shot recipe for disaster. With so many criminal elements escaping from the Middle East into the Western world can lead to a sudden rise in crime across the country. Moreover, the new arrivals are attracted by doles and not by the motives to embrace the new way of life.

It would create problems for Canada in a similar manner as France. Bombings or lone wolf attacks cannot be ruled out. In the worst case, the continuous policy of appeasement may instigate the extreme right wing movement in the country. Justin in his bid to consolidate the vote continues to play to the minority gallery but the policy is detrimental to the stability of the Canadian nation.

Opening the border to the middle east migrants will definitely lead to European style attacks in the future and Justin Trudeau will be the only person to blame when those events happen.