Muslim mayor of London supports Hillary for US presidency

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Muslim mayor of London has decided to openly support Hillary for US presidency as according to Him anti-Muslim views could lead to the rise of ISIS. While traveling to Chicago, Sadiq Khan admitted to the media that he is a great fan of Clinton and hoped for her victory in the elections scheduled to be held in November.

In a candid interview, Khan expressed his opinion regarding Hillary and told media persons that she had immense experience in national and international affairs. An influential individual of the Muslim faith in Western Europe supporting Hillary is a huge shot in the arm for her and would probably propel her to power in the upcoming elections.

Khan was particularly severe on Trump in his 45 minutes speech terming the brand of politics as divisive. In one short, the Mayor expressed where his loyalties are and also admonished the tighter immigration laws advocated by Trump for Muslims. He told that preventing the Muslims from entering the western world can further alienate the Islamic population.

Initially, Donald Trump called for the blanket banning of Muslims entering the United States but has moderated his stance over the period of time. He has suggested streamlining the procedures for immigration from countries known for terrorist attacks. The controversial mayor of London has blown the trumpet for election and also indicated that Muslims, in particular, would vote for Hillary Clinton. Democrats are facing a tough time against Republicans but with Mayor throwing his support, they would inch ahead.

The US is facing a plethora of issues with lone wolf attacks across the length and the breadth of the country. A proper strategy should be devised to combat the problem rather than following an ostrich in the sand mindset policy of the democrats. Minority appeasement strategy should be done away with to preserve the interest of the country.


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