Muslim refugees sue Government for delay in asylum

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Middle East crisis brought in a large number of Islamic refugees to the West in search of better life but soon the migration turned into a scandal of sorts. Recent molestation of women across Germany and Sweden indicates that the people arriving in Europe are anything but refugees. On the top of demanding free doles from the adopted country, they are also suing the government for delaying the process of asylum.

In the first quarter of the year, 2016 more than 7000 lawsuits have been filed against the Merkel administration by the refugees. Funke media group reports that by March the figure was about 3000 and since then has doubled. To make matters worse more than 300,000 will be arriving at the shores of Germany and they will join a million of their brethren already in the country.

Sitting on a demographic volcano that is waiting to explode, Germany will have a pretty tough time to assimilate the new arrivals into the society and also help them with finding jobs. Recession in the worldwide economy has resulted in a destructive immigration policy. Sevim Dagdelen who is also the german integration commissioner called for the simplification of the asylum procedure to facilitate the entry of the refugees in the country. Everything seems to be a bureaucratic hurdle but is the people arriving from Middle east would be willing to get integrated into the European society. The answer is probably no if the history is anything to go by.

The majority of refugees arriving from Asia do not have a passport that confirms the fact that many criminals many have sneaked into the country. It is bound to create law and order situation for the Merkel government. In addition, migrants are compelled to create forged documents as they destroy the genuine ones while entering Germany.