Security paraphernalia of Justin Trudeau consumes 17 million dollars of taxpayer’s money

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The Canadian government has broken all the records in maintaining the security of Justin Trudeau and his family. For all the talks of social benefits, the RCMP officers deployed to protect the Prime minister cost 17 million dollars to the exchequer. In short, taxpayers have to shell out nearly 2million dollars a month to save the beloved head of the state. In March, the security bills ballooned to 5 million dollars as Justin was traveling to the US to meet the President and also the head of other states.

In recent times, Justin’s foreign jaunts have attracted a lot of attention from the media. The government compelled by the criticism from the masses has gone on great lengths to explain how the trips were financed. In the first 6 months of assuming office, he toured the countries for 30 days in comparison to only 16 days of his predecessor Harper.

Justin in his election campaign often slammed Harper for increasing the security budget gradually but he too is following the same path. Goodale, the present public safety minister had admonished ex-prime minister for increasing the burden on the taxpayers. According to him, the conservatives mismanaged the expenses leading to higher security billing but Trudeau’s expenditure says a very different story.

When media objected to frequent foreign travels of Justin, he explained that it was necessary to enhance the impression of Canada at the world stage. In contrast to the present liberals, Harper and Co followed strict fiscal discipline to ensure that the state finances were in a better shape. Since his ascent to power, the current Prime Minister gives a damn about budgets as he follows policies that cannot be implemented in real life. Gradual failure on the economic front will make Trudeau a loser from a long-term perspective and spell doom for the country.


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