Settling immigrants cost Canadian Taxpayers $23 billion dollars 

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Although Trudeau’s government is inviting refugees with open arms, the policy has created a 23 billion dollar hole in the budget according to the latest report by the Fraser institute on Tuesday. Liberals immediately criticized the report saying that it is biased and displays only one part of the migration issue.

In the survey, the institute concluded that immigrants arriving in the country pay only half the taxes as the citizens of Canada but avail all the essential services from the government. To cut the long story short, each taxpayer has to shell out more than $6000 per immigrant resulting in the magical total of 23 billion dollars.

Herbert Grubel, the architect of the report mentioned that Canada has to use the money wisely rather than tossing it up wildly to every tom, dick and harry applying for immigration. He is the view that the Canada has not taken the responsibility of doing charity on behalf of the whole world. It should streamline the selection process and provide migration facilities to only the most deserving ones.

The report is not entirely one-sided as claimed by the leftists but it also recognizes the importance of the young immigrants paying taxes toward maintaining the social benefits scheme for the elders. Skilled migration is beneficial for the country as immigrants provide easy labor to the industries but to allow anybody to get inside inflicts a huge cost on the annual budget. Moreover, the resultant financial burden makes it a trouble that can be easily avoided.

The exhaustive report covered the immigrants arriving in Canada from 1987 to 2004. In the evaluation, the study found out that each migrant paid more than 10, 000 as income tax on an annual basis but it is still less than 16,000 paid up by the Canadian citizens. The study is based on the fact that each immigrant pays taxes and receives benefits for a period of 45 years.

According to MR Grubel the co-founder of the Dominion Institute, only skilled immigrants should be invited as more than 75% of the people visiting the shores are dependents. They take a huge toll on the social system of the country.