BREAKING: Five Muslims With Bombs On The Way To NYC Airport Arrested 

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Police have detained five men dressed in Arab clothing on a bridge en route to NYC from NJ in a SUV filled with weapons and explosives, a backpack with bombs inside were found on a train station in NJ. 

Police believe a terrorist cell is brewing and building in New York and New Jersey areas. 

From the Daily Mail:

These are just two more chilling twists in a shocking 36 hours that have seen bombs detonated in both cities, 29 people injured and further devices uncovered in public areas.

The backpack was discovered in a wastebasket near Elizabeth Station by two men at around 8:30pm, Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage said, adding: ‘They took the package out of the wastebasket because they thought it was of some value to them.’

Seeing wires and a pipe, the men then dropped the bag and called police – who dispatched a robot to disarm the devices. 

However, footage from the scene shows the robot accidentally cutting the wrong wire on one of the IEDs, causing a huge explosion. One of the robots was damaged, but no one was hurt in the blast. 

Also at 8.45pm, FBI agents in New York detained five New Jersey men on the Belt Parkway near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in Brooklyn. 

Their car was said by authorities to contain a weapons stash and bomb-making equipment. The men, who were believed to be heading to an airport, were taken to Federal Plaza in Manhattan for questioning.