IED blast in Chelsea area of New York City 1 killed and 29 hurt

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A sudden explosion reverberated in the New York City as 29 people were injured due to homemade IED. Police are now on red alert and investigating the second bomb that was hidden in the pressure cooker.

CCTV footage displayed horrible images of the bomb going off and cause untold destruction to the life and property. Deputy Commissioner of the city confirmed that the gruesome pictures from the amateur cameras installed at the location of the incident. NYPD officials have claimed that the bomb blew up from the dumpster and was a deliberate act.

Rumors abound indicate that it might be a terrorist attack but the authorities have denied any speculation. People are still fresh from the pipe bomb attack that led to the grave loss of life and property. In addition, a fundamentalist organization planting IED all over New York cannot be ruled out and the threat needs are taken seriously.

Mayor De Blasio told the media that the bomb was set to blow off people in the Manhattan area but fortunately only one person was critically injured. Intelligence units have to beef up their information gathering procedure and infiltrate the organization that is planning to create mayhem in the financial capital of the US.

According to the media reports, the pressure cooker found on the West 27th street had wires coming out of the cap. It was connected to a pack presumed to be a sort of cell phone control timer. The whole strategy is quite similar to the Boston bombings of 2013 when many people died due to IED blast. Police are taking no chances as the camera footage showed the presence of an individual near the site before the blast.

People in the busy New York area were enjoying life in the evening when the blast took off and terrified everybody around. FBI along with NYPD is minutely analyzing the case but so far they have not got any terror lead.


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