Imam chants Quranic verses at Alberta legislature on EID

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In Canada, Jihad and Eid seem to be deeply entwined when IMAM of the mosque Markaz Ul Islam Edmonton was invited to recite Quran on the occasion of EID. He migrated from Somalia to Canada and openly advocates Jihad against the World Powers. The history of the Islamic cleric Jamac Usman Hareed seems to suggest that he is an expert in Sharia law by completing a thesis on the same from the New Castle University South Africa. Touted as a popular religious figure, Usman is regularly invited to deliver sermons and offer prayers in the mosque not only in Canada but across the globe.

While at Alberta Legislature, Imam recited Chapter 22 of the holy book. It is particularly related to the HAJ pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Inviting a religious figure in the legislature is a coup of sorts but actually, anything can happen under the liberal; regime. In fact, when chanting the verses, IMAM admonished people who didn’t follow the path set by Muhammad, the prophet.

It is an irony of sorts that the present political dispensation is hell bent on promoting Islamic values in the name of liberty and diversity. The move is bound to backfire as common people may not agree with what the dear IMAM says. Prior to the Alberta speech, he delivered the sermon at Edmonton EXPO Centre by calling out the Muslim world to wage Jihad against the global regimes and ensure that non-Muslims become inferior both in financial and military terms.

He particularly that mujahidin would win wars across Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In short, he seems to support the massive killings and suicide blasts undertaken by them. The whole episode confirms that Canada is firmly on its way to becoming an Islamic state in the future.


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