Muslims in a Canadian town kills 1000 sheep in a single day

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New York Times in its latest editorial has underlined the importance of EID explaining how sacrifices are made right from east to west on the globe. Ritual prayers are conducted, sheep is slaughtered and the food is distributed among the poor nevertheless the paper didn’t touch the mass killing aspects of so many animals on an auspicious day.

Media talks as if the slaughtering is taking place inside Bangladesh but the truth of the matter is the increasing acceptance of Islamic rituals and principles in the North American continent.  In Canada, liberal intellectuals suffer from a similar mindset. As reported by the local news website, people congregated in Municipal Park of L’avenir where 1000 sheep were cut by them under the broad day light. What more, they cooked the meat by torching the heads and Legs. The irony of the matter was evident the way women and children gave a scant regard to the suffering of the animals.

The whole process was inhuman and smacked of sheer hypocrisy of the Islamic society. Sheep livestock owner visiting the park was discrete and pointed out that he was interested only in selling the animals on the festive occasion.

Generally, the animals are sold in the form of live weight and cost an upward of 300$. It is the sheer scale of carnage that might appall the onlookers. In order to witness the massacre, Inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture had arrived on the scene. His alibi was to look at the way the animals were being sacrificed in a clean and civilized way to prevent pollution. No matter what the leading political figures and media say, the concept of Halal in a public place is encouraging people to engage in the murder of the animals. The rituals may shock the ordinary Canadians but would definitely not give sleepless nights to the liberals.