Weapon used by Calgary Suspect Mall was similar as used by Muslim refugees to hack Woman to death

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Nothing much is known about the person carrying out the terror attack at the Marlborough shopping mall in Calgary yesterday afternoon that injured a police officer with non life-threatening injuries. 

Witnesses said the man was wearing a Blue Jays T shirt and a baseball cap and yelled, “I’m going to get you”

That’s all we know about the suspect so far, why is there no name? Why isn’t there a better description? 

The weapon in question is called a “Falcata“, which is a similar weapon used to hack one woman and injuring two by a Muslim refugee just recently in Germany.

From Daily Wire:

On Sunday, a 21-year-old Syrian Muslim refugee hacked one woman to death and injured two others in a machete attack near a bus station in southern Germany. The man was seeking asylum in Germany before going on his deadly rampage. German authorities have so far refused to share details of when he arrived in Europe. The man appeared to have been acting alone.

The attack occurred at around 4:30 PM local time right beside the central bus station in Reutlingen. The man wielded his machete against three women. One of the victims later died of her injuries. According to a popular German newspaper, the woman may have been pregnant.

Let’s not jump to conclusions that this attack political until we know more about the suspect, until then we can only come up with conclusions.