25 percent of French Muslims prefer women to wear veils

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One fourth of the Muslims surveyed recently in France prefer the women to be under the veil. It is the symbol of sheer hypocrisy that has surrounded the Islamic religion. The survey was conducted to overhaul the Islamic organizations and ensure that they do not carry out terrorist strikes in the near future.

A group of men interviewed was divided into 3 categories. Youngsters with a lower level of professional skills were found to be more vulnerable to fundamentalist thoughts. Since they cannot easily find jobs, the probability of falling into the lure of Islamic extremism is far greater. Institute Montaigne has reported that Muslims, who pretend to be secular, practice certain restrictions in the public domain but few of them are extremely fundamentalists. They are geared towards Jihad and against liberal values. In short, they may create problems in the long run.

Seculars forming 46% of the respondents preferred Halal meat that reinstates their subtle religious preferences. In addition, 25% of the people wished the religion to be predominant not only in the personal space but also in the workplace. The third group seemed to be well aligned towards the idea of radicalization and could be considered as those that can strike vital installations inside the country.

People living on the margins of the French society are more than likely to express themselves. They not only want women to wear a burka but also support polygamy. Young hardliners are a far cry from the over 40 moderates. The latter are less likely to participate in violence compared to the younger lot. About 60% of the people supported head scarf for the women but the latter seemed not to be too impressed by the decision of the male counterparts. The survey also notified how the Muslim women were more conservative when compared to men.


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