Do you agree? Trudeau plans to rebrand Canada

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During the 71st session of the UN general assembly, Justin Trudeau has decided to rebrand Canada however the path is fraught with huge risks. 6 years ago the country failed to enter into the UN Security Council however Justin hopes to make Canada a responsible power. The previous conservative government was apprehensive of the effectiveness of the Security Council as time and against its MPs complained of the bureaucracy and its policy towards Iraq.

Trudeau is seeking to end the animosity by applying for a 2-year term to get the seat in the council starting from 2021. Conservatives opposed the idea of multilateralism but the liberals are trying to reverse the decision and project Canada as a global power. Justin wishes Canada not to be driven by the national interest but becomes a responsible international player.

The country has done its bit by donating 450 million dollars to the UN peace keeping mission. In addition, 600 troops would be allotted to the organization for the stability of various projects. The policy of being good on the international stage might lead to the rallying of the Canadians around the liberal Prime minister.

Canada got thumbs down in the year 2010 when it applied for the membership in the rotational slot. According to Trudeau doctrine, the country aims to restore the image of a nonpartisan power of the globe. Conservationist government supported Israel whole heartedly and in the process got isolated from the Middle Eastern countries. The current Prime minister aims to change the impression of the Canadians by formulating a balanced international policy. He needs to also take steps in handling the global climate changes and terrorism as both are pressing issues that have to be tackled head on. As per the media reports, Trudeau is expected to lay the ground work for the future policies of Canada.