Liberals increase refugee budget by $64 million 

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Justin Trudeau has recently announced an increase in humanitarian funding for the people affected by the humanitarian crisis around the Globe. The fund is being enhanced by 64.5 million dollars and is geared towards providing relief to the displaced people. In addition, more than 450 million dollars is allotted for the individuals living in conflict zones of Iraq as well as Syria. Trudeau while speaking to the media stated that Canadian government is playing a pioneering role in the resettlement of the refugees; therefore it aims to expand its roles in the international affairs.

He also mentioned that refugees helped to fill the gap in the labor market and meet the skill requirements in Canada. The fact that he didn’t mention was the sudden arrival of the low-skilled refugees in the country who may not find jobs.

Continuing with his speech, he told that Canada has resettled 25,000 refugees and aim to include more in the near future. Justin Trudeau is trying to make Canada a diverse and open society but in the process might end up creating a huge gulf between the various ethnic groups.

His policy is to create a society with liberal values and openness however how far he can go with the aim is anybody’s guess. Recent incidents indicate that he is appeasing the leftist groups while also playing minority politics. Making an open society is a wonderful mission but diversity should not be maintained at the cost of allowing refugees who do not agree with the Canadian way of life.

Justin believes that soon migration to the countries may become the way of life but he is not telling the general population that it might also result in ethnic conflicts in the future. Therefore in spite of the international grandstanding from him , his policies are bound to fail sooner than later.