People migrating to Canada should respect the values of the country

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Conservative MP Kellie Leitch had commented that people hating the culture and values of Canada should not migrate to the country. It triggered a war of sorts with the liberals who found it demeaning for the minorities arriving from different countries. Even conservatives from certain sections went after Leitch but they forget that people arriving in the country and hating its values can become a ticking time bomb for others waiting to explode.

Media houses were unanimous in criticizing the conservatives and accused him of racism. Upholding the values of the country cannot be termed as ethically discriminating but many people in Canada seem to say that Leitch has committed a huge crime. Although MP was admonished by all and sundry but ordinary Canadians supported him to a great extent. In the poll conducted recently, more than 80% of people supported his view on migration.

The policy to invite anybody without screening process could be the death knell for the country. The present influx of refugees into the country is bound to do more harm than good. An interview to determine whether the person is in conformance with the Canadian values should be conducted to ensure that only like-minded people gain entry into the country.

Indiscriminate migration is the primary source of social and economic tensions. Moreover, people who cannot adjust to the Canadian culture will become a problem rather than assets for the country. Accusing of the conservatives being racist is not going to cut ice with the majority as values means beliefs and ethics. Liberal Christian values are the hallmark of the Canadian ethos that does not allow polygamy as well as honor killings. Pandering to the minorities especially Muslims is bound to hurt the country even more in the long run. Therefore, screening for Canadian values is the key to a robust migration policy.