Get ready to hear “Allah Akbar” shouted a lot more in Canada as Trudeau buys Muslim votes

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Justin Trudeau on his recent visit to the Ottawa mosque gave a long speech and hoped that Muslims will vote in huge numbers. For him, it might be necessary because a sizable chunk of the minority voted him in the previous election.  About 65% of the Muslims opted for the liberals. In addition, 10% chose the new democratic party of Canada while only 2% voted for the conservative party.

In a recent announcement by the Federal government, people arriving in Canada will get citizenship far earlier than the previous emigrants. It is a boon for the Syrian immigrants because they can become Canadian citizens within 4 years. John McCallum, the immigration minister is quite upbeat as he declared that refugees will become landed migrants within one year.

Dr. Iqbal Massod Al-Nadvi, the imam of the Canadian mosque told the media about how he encouraged the Muslims to vote for Trudeau and helped him to become the Prime Minister. Right after the victory of the liberals, he spoke at the Toronto Mosque and hailed the people for helping the Muslim candidates to win the elections.

A staunch believer in Quran, Dr. Iqbal ascertains that the western democratic values are incompatible with the Islamic culture. Justin is overtly playing the minority politics to the hilt but the philosophy of Imams would definitely come to haunt Canada in the near future. DR Iqbal also shares the verses of the garden of righteousness on his website. According to the Hadith, individuals insulting Allah should be punished and people are not allowed to ask questions. Degrading rules and criticizing their policies are not allowed, therefore believers for the sake of national interest should avoid disbelief and ensure congregation during the religious discourse. The policies of the Imams need to be questioned as they are against the well-being of Canada.


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