Another way the NDP is stealing your money, registration policy

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Wild rose, the opposition has charged that people in Alberta were getting tickets more frequently because of the introduction of the new vehicle registration policy. In March, the government declared that it is not going to send reminders to the people for the renewal of the registration of the vehicles. It has now contracted a US company to issue electronic notifications to speed up the whole process.

Wayne Anderson told media that people are being fined as much as 310$ for driving with expired registrations. According to the authorities of Alberta, the robocall contract was awarded to as it met the bidding criteria of all the companies. Anderson called the on government to relax the rules for the vehicle owners who are suddenly loaded with heavy fines.

According to the opposition, people were not taken into confidence before enforcing the policy. Joanne Nugent who is also the spokesperson for the transport department stated that she is getting lots of calls about the new policy. One of the positives from the whole episode is the easy adaptability of the law by the Albertans.

The move initially seemed to be an unpopular one but is quite fast as compared to the mailing process. Moreover, the government has ensured that people with disabilities would continue to receive notifications by mail.

According to the majority of the people, authorities should have taken some time to implement the rules. It is causing lots of problems to the motorists living in Alberta. For individuals above 70 years of age will get reminders until the April month of 2017.

As far as the leniency is concerned, the NDP government has passed on the buck to the law enforcement authorities. It’s a clever way to deflect criticism but the public is not naïve and watching the action of the government very carefully.