Kathleen Wynne booed in the international plowing match

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During the recent international plowing match, the premier of Ontario was booed by the public on the issue of hydro rates. Liberal MPs traveled with much fan and fare, however, tepid response from some quarters of the audiences must have dampened their enthusiasm. Kathleen was traveled through the people on the parade float and boasted that she was doing her bit to reduce the electrical expenses. Public cheered but some people booed back as the premier told that she could hear mixed responses from the crowd.

In the forum research poll, Kathleen’s party is found to be trailing as much as 20% to the conservatives. She is trying hard to regain the lost ground but the public is having none of it. Even with the announcement to lease the farms of wind energy, the rural population has joined together to protest against the policy. On the issue of hydro rates, a girl in the crowd called the premier as a liar, making it clear that farmers and small food processing companies are losing out on the business.

Kathleen was gun ho about the performance of the part in running the local administration. He told the media that the liberal establishment has played a very important role in enhancing the electricity system to eliminate the problem of blackouts during the peak time.

The present government is offering 20% rebates to the people living in remote rural areas for the wind farms. Wynne was of the view that people were jumping the conclusions without knowing whether they qualify the government criteria.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath in his criticism of the liberal government told the media that she was not surprised with its declining popularity. The policies are not in conformance with the ground realities, therefore the chances of backfiring are quite high.


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