Muslims should vote in huge numbers: Justin Trudeau

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In a recent interview with the media, Justin Trudeau has been stressing on the minorities to vote in huge numbers. His primary motive is to have the Muslims participate in the electoral process to select the right party to win the elections. In a recent speech in the mosque, he categorically asserted that Imams should encourage the Muslim brethren to vote for the parties in the federal elections. In the previous elections, Canadian Muslims threw their weight around the liberals and propelled Justin to power. No wonder, he is supporting the Islamist’s not only to vote but also invite a large number of Refugees from conflict-ridden areas of the Middle East.

In last elections, 65% of the Muslims voted for the liberals while only 10% for the conservative party. Justin is playing minority politics to the core but in the long run, they are bound to hurt the country by fomenting religious tensions. The majority of Muslims refuse to get assimilated into the society and awarding them citizenship within 4 years will lead to huge problems for the country. The day is not far when Canada may have to face a spate of bombings in France and the US.

Iqbal Nadvi, one of the Imams claimed in the speech that he cajoled his followers to vote for the individuals who worked for the community. The hidden message was not to vote for the right but for the leftist liberals. In addition, he also requested Justin Trudeau to advocate Islamic values in Canada and make them popular among the users.

The majority of Imams suffer from the tunnel vision and are rabid fundamentalists. If encouraged, they are bound to do more harm than good in the long run. Conservative outlook coupled with fanatic beliefs will lead to religious tensions within  the country and also create law and order problems.


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