Trudeau says World should eliminate sexism to become rich

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Prime Minister is his recent speech claimed that in order to eliminate poverty, people should be less sexist. In the recent survey, it is pointed out that women and children who are poor suffer from diseases and other disorders. In the town hall concert organized by U2 singer, he said that poverty is quite sexist.

According to him, females, living below the poverty line do not get a quality education and are not able to avail the opportunities to rise in life.

In addition, they also do not get basic equality rights as the normal citizens would follow. Trudeau was attending the conference in Montreal where the national and the international agencies have pledged to donate about 12.9 billion dollars to fight the scourge of TB, malaria, and AIDS.

The three combined together are the biggest sources of miseries worldwide. Global fund organization claimed that the infusion of the funds is bound to save millions of lives living under the threat of poverty and disease.

Canada on its part has promised to donate $785 million towards the funding against poverty. In absolute terms, it is a 20% hike over the previous figure and reinforces the country’s position to be one of the biggest donors. Microsoft founder Bill Gates too committed 650 million dollars towards to uplift the poor out of poverty line. The conference was organized to focus on the plight of the women and children around the world.

More than 25% of the teenage girls in Africa suffer from the problem of HIV. They also do not get prompt treatment leading to early death. People slowly get infected, cannot walk and work normally and spend rest of their lives in bed. Without an earning member, they become poor and die. Even in Canada, the instances of HIV among the aboriginal population is very high.


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